1 gang light switch to 2 gang light switch

1 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom

I currently have a 1 gang light switch with this wiring configuration that runs 1 light.

I want to add an outside light with the normal live, nuetral and earth connections, and change the 1 gang switch to a 2 gang switch as below.

I've fitted the light outside and brought in the new wiring, but i can't get my head around were the new wires from the light fitting, along with the current wires go in the new 2 gang light switch.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Sorry Stu but you cannot run the new lamp from the switch as there is no Neutral at the switch.

You will need to connect the new wiring to a place where there is a Neutral and a Switched Live from your new switch.

The ceiling rose of the lamp the present switch controls is probably the best place to get to the Neutral.

Is there as spare wire behind the switch, looks like there maybe a black one not connected to anything.
Thanks for your quick reply.

No there isn't any black wire there, just 3 reds and 2 greens. Which one of those red cables will be the permanent live?

Can i alternitively fit a fused spur below the light socket and then run a live from the light socket to the fused spur? and then connect in the outside light to the spur?

That was my original thought before the 2 way switch idea, just not sure which of the reds is the permanent live.

Where will you get the Neutral for the outside lamp ? A lamp needs both Live AND Neutral to work

LIVE--------------Switch------( switched Live )----- Lamp-----------NEUTRAL
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Hi, the fcu (spur)will be the least disruptive solution unless you are re-plastering the hall.

Regards, DS
Ok, good point where am i going to get the neutral from?

Think i will go to plan B and run it through to a plug socket, just decorated the hallway so don't want to be making a mess running trunking or the mrs will kill me.

Thanks for all your help.
Hi, just to be clear- The live and neutral is from the socket circuit as follows -

The light fitting and associated wiring must be fused down to 3a using a fcu fed from your socket.The wiring from the socket to the fcu must be 2.5mm twin and earth. The cabe from the out -going (load) side of the fcu can be 1.00mm twin and earth.



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