10mm micro bore joined to 115th copper pipe

17 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi guys I'm installing towel rail in downstairs toilet. The valves have been removed so it's just 10mm micro bore pipes coming from wall. The trv are 15mm but I'm not convinced the 10mm pipes are long enough after tiles are fitted. Is their 15mm extension coupler available to solder on? I'm aware I have to use a reducer but maybe the 15mm extension has a built in reducer? Thanks
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Any plumbers merchant should be able to sell you a 15mm to 10mm reducing coupling. Should even be able to offer you a choice of solder, compression or push fit.
I consider the reducing bushes for fitting a 10 mm pipe to a 15mm valve a bit of a bodge.

I would recommend using a 15mm tube in the valve and a 15/10mm solder on reducer.

I think we're on right page. I'd rather have a 15mm pipe slide over 10mm and solder at the end. Adaptor should be attached ie solder ring reducer? The micro bore are exposed ready for plasterboard and tiling but worried the microbore isn't long enough after tiles are fitted. Might not be enough for valve. Does anybody know the minimum length the micro bore pipes need to be once tiles are fitted to allow the valves to fit? Cheers
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The best way to do it is to bring them out too long and cap them, then cut to suit when fitting the towel rad. Just make sure if extending the pipes to keep any fittings as close to the wall as possible so they don't interfere with the valves.
This is the 10mm (microbore) pipes coming out of the wall. What a disaster this downstairs toilet has become. Having tiled the whole room I wasn't happy entirely with the tilers work. Only one way to do it and that was the right way (perfect).
I had to bash all the tiles off with plasterboard......

Anyway below are the pipes. The left one is slightly curved inwards, a slight kink compared to the right side. I measured just under 490mm pipe centre probably more 480mm. I am limited to what chrome towel rads are out there with this pipe centre. So alternatively I could find the rail I want which is close to 480 and make an adjustment to the left pipe? How would I do this? Any suggestions first before I resort to a plumber who pick their jobs... :rolleyes:


The above rad (link) has been discontinued (after I had ordered it) but might be available on another site. £290-£311!! But it has the btu and pipe centre I want. So is it worth making serious adustments to alter the pipe centre? Or search high and low before I find thar towel rail that meets my pipe centre? :rolleyes:

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