Advice please for hedge disaster!

27 May 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

I need some advice please for a hedge.

Basically, a friend of mine whom I share a house with decided to remove a mature boundary hedge. Our property is on a corner plot and this hedge provided neccesary privacy and security as the boundary is with a public footpath. As our property is under a covenent I don't think we can replace this with a fence or a wall, hence I need to replace this hedge pretty sharpish - the front window is now like a goldfish bowl :(

The old hedge was perfectly healthy and based upon about 1/2 dozen leylandii trees. They were unfortunately cut of level with the ground and 'sprayed' by the tree surgeon who had knocked on the door looking for work.

Anyway, what does the panel suggest as the most sensible, quickest and easiest solution to reinstate some sort of replacement? Will the 'spray' have any effect upon any other shrubs or hedges that could be planted?

I'm quite upset about it to be honest, everytime I look out of the window all you can see/hear is passing cars, people looking in as they walk past etc, aside from the security aspect (it's the side of the house that's exposed and the garden gate etc).


Any suggestions or advice most welcomed,

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Well, that's a tough 'un. In terms of speed, a fence is the obvious choice, with hedging plants planted in front of it. Leyandii is probably one of the quickest growers, if not one of the most horrible, but it's gonna take a while whatever you do :(
Have a look around at other houses in the neighbourhood & see if they have a fence.

Quite often these covenants can be ignored (at your own peril) because they were setup by a builder who has long since disappeared and no longer cares about it.

If you do put a fence there it can be no higher than 1M tall (due to being next to the highway).

Why not go down the garden centre with this photo and ask their advice, after all its them that are in the best position to advise & supply suitable stuff for your needs.
Will - instant hedge means putting-in mature specimens (or semi-mature); these things come as big and bushy as you like, complete with a monster root-ball which you drop into a prepared hole - consider a British native species. This hole SHOULD be dug by your so-called friend as punishment :evil: - he'll need to remove those stumps/roots. In notice you're in Surrey ... how near the NW. Kent border? There's a brilliant place in Swanley where you can get mature specimens from:

If you can't be ars*d to do the above then plant between the stumps with new leylandi but keep them trimmed.

I'm not sure you should worry too much about 'spray' the so-called tree surgeon who knocked on the door looking for work applied - he was probably an 'itinerant' person operating a well-known con (a bit like ... "Hey, Mrs, your roof needs fixing"). The 'spray' is likely to be water if it was clear, pee if it was tinted. Proper, qualified (the only type to use) guys don't tout around the doors, they've always got plenty of work
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Cheers guys,

I'm beginning to cool off a bit but the realisation that something needs to be re-instated ASAP is hitting me harder than ever, I'm uncomfortable with the security aspect as much as the privacy/aesthetic issues - the house stands out like a sore thumb now. :cry:

I'm also hoping the houses that face our property side-on aren't too put out by it all, as now they have a horrid view of an old estate car and some badly-needing-to-be paved ground (instead of a bushy green hedge!). :(

Current plan I guess would be to dig up the old roots (which I guess won't be quick, easy or fun to do..), then re-plant some replacement leylandii plants (local independant garden centre has some whispy-thin 6ft one for about £12.50 a piece). It'll look horrid for ages I'm sure, but what else can be done really? Maybe a small (temporary - 1 year or so?) wooden fence, say 3ft tall to form a proper boundary whilst the hedge re-establishes to form some sort of cover/protection etc. Would I be better off with larger plants hoping that they'll be more 'bushy' to start with, even if I have to top them off a bit (would ideally like it back to how it was - about 7ish feet and totally fine WRT all usual issues - no blocking views/daylight for anyone etc)

I know it's a complete stab-in-the-dark, but anyone on here got even a ball-park figure at how much I'd be looking at to remove about 1/2 dozen previous 8ft tall leylandii roots, dig over for the new ones and then re-plant the replacements? I know I'll need to get a proper quote but it'll help to have even a ball-park figure. A couple of days work?

I'd normally do this sort of thing myself, but I'm so busy with work and trying to finish a load of other stuff that I just don't think I'm going to get a chance.

Thanks again,

I'm quite upset about it to be honest, everytime I look out of the window all you can see/hear is passing cars, people looking in as they walk past etc, aside from the security aspect (it's the side of the house that's exposed and the garden gate etc).


I know this street, I was actually walking down it yesterday and I remember seeing you through the window just wearing your pants.
hmmmm, spiderman ones!
Will - don't bother to dig the old stump/roots out if you're only going to put a row of leylandi back in - it's an awful, backbreaking job that is totally unnecessary. Plant the new stuff between the old stumps, they'll grow fine.

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