Air in central heating system

24 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
Had pump plan fitted so now got pumped CH and DHW.

Pump is quite noisy (its on 2 for CH - was 3 to start with) but also when it comes on for CH there is a sound of rushing water through the pipes surrounding it and then gurgling in the bathroom towel rail. The top rail fills with air over 2/3 days.

Heating Engineer is going to fit a pipe between the vent and F/E (I believe) and put some leak sealant in system as, of course, the bathroom floor is tiled, and he says the problem could be a leak in the pipework leading to the towel rail as this is the only rad that has been replaced (3 years ago and no problem with old pump).

When we had a rad in the bathroom this often had to be bled but we never heard any rushing/gurgling air/water. The towel rail did not have to be bled at all with the previous pump.

Do you think that he has covered the eventualities?

Not sure what to do if we need to get to the pipework under the bathroom floor. Will never tile a bathroom floor again!
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Had pump plan fitted so now got pumped CH and DHW.

Do you think that he has covered the eventualities?
you should of marked them clearly and mentioned them to him..get him back to uncover them :eek:
Was the b/room rad off the old h/water circs,now its fully pumped maybe you need a by pass or leave one rad fully open,if its getting air then is it pumping over into the h/tank. ,you would know if its still off the circs,so does it heat up on h/water only.If it does it is on the h/water circuit of your flow and return
Not sure I know what Nige F is on about!/

The towel rail is on the CH circuit. I do have another one on the HW circuit.

I dont think that there is any pumping over - that is why I had to have things changed because I was getting water coming out of the overflow.

I have felt both the vent pipe and the F/E pipe and altho they both get warm the heat does not go all the way up to the top.
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Is there a bypass fitted,so your excess heat can circulate when the rads have reached temp,if not then the excess heat will have nowere to go and cause banging and push it up the expansion

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