Alarm Pyronix Enforcer V9 with Anti-jam secolink device

24 Feb 2018
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Hello all
Being searching and reading in the last month everything about House alarms.
Had being tied to monthly fee a few years ago, but this time looking to DIY route.

The choice between the Pyronix, texecom and Secolink is due some of the alarms
and is components being able to provide some features like:

-Anti-jamming detection and Notification
-Multiple communication paths from monitoring signal transmission
-Two-way RF wireless with timeframe supervision
-panel grade 2 with keyboard built-in is preferable for less fuzz installation.

From the 3 brands the Pyronix has the best website and more user friendly it was very easy to understand what component does what.

At the moment im looking for:

1 x Panel (gsm + wifi/lan) in case one communication protocols fail the other trigger the notification to end user.
1 x Siren wireless.
1 to 4 x magnet wireless sensors (+ devices can be had at later date)
1 to 2 x pet sensors (+ devices can be had at later date)

Ps: i have Coban103 alarm in the car that uses SMS and GPS notification with google maps link and works really well.
The first sms communication cost 0.34€ and them it has 200 free sms its very cheap.

Im looking for similar alarm to my House, but due the jamming devices technology, im look for something with 2 alternative communication protocol (internet and gsm).

Some installer from secolink told me that some device named D-JAM (anti-jamming) can be installed in some secolink hybrid idea whats the cost.
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On the Pyronix V10 with built-in wifi, if i had the GSM panel (+100£) does the WIFI and GSM can work at same time ? if one fails the other will send notification ?

Also What really does this means ?

If you’re using SMS text messaging facility of the panel, you will be charged at 50p plus your network provider’s access charge every 18 days (for an SMS server update call.) This charge is raised via use of a premium rate telephone number. Please see the disclaimer inside for details.

The wireless alarm system PSTN Modem has the ability to send:

1. Electronic messages to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), 2. Text Messages via Short Message Services (SMS).

5 (followed by the # key)

In order for the wireless alarm system PSTN Modem to function correctly, the installer must connect the wireless alarm system PSTN Modem to an appropriate Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) which has an appropriate service level agreement with a suitable POTS operator. Moreover, the service level agreement must allow the wireless alarm system PSTN the ability to dial Premium Rate numbers.

In order for the wireless alarm system PSTN Modem to send SMS messages, the wireless alarm system PSTN Modem must dial an embedded number that connects to an SMS server. The wireless alarm system PSTN Modem passes the SMS message to the SMS server, which in turn forwards the SMS to the user’s mobile phone. Please check with your installer for exact charges.

The PSTN Modem will contact our own Host Computer periodically in order to check and verify the SMS server routing information. Charges for this service are raised by use of a premium rate telephone number and are currently 50p per call plus your network provider’s access charge*.

Electronic messages and SMS messages are carried by the POTS/SMS Server operator by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Pyronix Limited (Pyronix) has no control. Pyronix shall therefore not be responsible for the POTS/SMS Server operator’s service level or the POTS/SMS Server operator’s network failures.
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I was lucky enough to win Pyronix enforcer V9 with GSM board from ebay auction for 50£.
i believe the MC1-WE magnetic sensores + Deltabell-WE siren are still compatible with this model.

This allow me to save about 200£ in new system, but with V9 GSM have no chance to use wifi/lan.

Also anyone can send me link to download the manual of the enforcer V9, and what is first step to take with used panel.

Tomorow i will give a ring to MAP and order the 4x MC1-WE and 1 x Deltabell-WE.
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Hello tittle

Improving the pyronix alarm system.
Ive enquire secolink and their 50€ device, the D-JAM2 anti-jam technology, and it looks like its possible to add it to any house or car alarm..

I can follow some manual instructions, but any of the experts can point me where i should connect the D-JAM2 in the pyronix panel ?

According to the information ive received the D-JAM2 need to be connected like some wired Magnet/sensor, so that if some jammer is detected around the house that will trigger the alarm.


Hello Again
Ive manage to install the Pyronix panel V9.13 + magnets & Deltabell-we siren and everything works fine.

The version of the panel is V9.13 and im able to test communications, but the SMS in the panel dont reply to my commands.

Theres a limitation in V9.13 panel ??
The manual that i found say 9.20 or above

Is it possible to upgrade to 9.20 ? how ?

In resume my panel has version V9.13 and the GSM module version is the 1.15 (from UK)

The panel wont respond to sms codes arm/disarm/status etc etc

1- is this limitation of V9.13 firmware
2- is this limitation of UK panel software
3- is this limitation of UK GSM board
4- in the version V9.20 is it possible to sent SMS commands to the panel
5- the UK GSM board v1.15 is compatible with Enforcer V10 and will be able to respond and reply to SMS commands ?

the software 9.20 or 9.26 the GMS panel can reply to SMS ARM & Disarm

Can the certified installer upgrade the panel software ?


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