amazon have 25% off thousands of things a the mo

6 Sep 2008
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landing page for everything in the 4for3 promo.. and its not really the case that its all marked up just so it can be marked down - 269 was about as good a price as ii could find anywhere for a brand new hitachi first fix gas nailer and after discount (I found 3 other things for 270) it comes out at more like 210, so lets hope it's more reliable than my bro's bostitch (seems to be same gun)

amazon webs can be confusing so here are some tips:

* from that landing page, browse a department (power tools. yum)
* pick something you like/need
* use the price from/to on the left to refine to other stuff that is similar price (say +- 20 quid) - the more similar the prices are, the greater the effective discount
* avoid using the search box at the top of the screen as it shows products that aren't necessarily in the offer
* generally its only stuff sold by amazon themselves - either look for the "prime" logo on an item, or tick the seller box on the left saying ""
* the words "get 4 for 3 , click for details" don't necessarily appear at the top of every product page in the offer
* if you really want something that isn't declared to be in the offer but does seem to be in the home/garden subcategories, add 4 of em to your basket and pretend to checkout right up to the last step where you apply a coupon code HNG4FOR3 - it either works or not, if not, your product isn't in the offer
* I really wanted some collated nails, but the collated nails department filter was wonky. instead I refined by manufacturer tacwise
* the code can only be used once per account - use the wife's account if you want 8 things. if you used the code in a pretend checkout you can't apply it again, but it's already wedged in your basket and applying itself to the cheapest qualifying product
* do try and find the product cheaper elsewhere - some of the stuff is overpriced, and knocking 25% off only brings it into line with what an ebay flogger may be asking
* let the missus have a look through the housey stuff. if you buy 3 desperately needed tools, she gets a free couch, hurrah
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