Ariston Eurocombi MMFi 23 noise

17 Aug 2014
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United Kingdom
I have an Ariston Eurocombi MMFi 23 with a noise coming from the boiler itself that starts when the central heating is on and the boiler fires up (only when burner is on + it gets noisier the colder it is outside). The noise is like a drilling sound, not very loud but vibrates through pipes and sounds like it is coming from the center of the boiler.

I have put cleaner in the system for 2 weeks, flushed it and added inhibitor and noise reducer with no success :(

Ive had an engineer out that has changed the fan (even though the noise was not coming from the top of the boiler) and it has not made any difference. He wants to try some other stuff but also wants to charge me for the fan (even though it wast faulty).

So I am looking for some help diagnosing the issue so as not to have to keep paying for parts that are not faulty until he gets to the right bit.

Someone said it might be some vents in the combustion chamber that are out of alignment but I have no idea what that means.

Thanks for any help given
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