Arron Banks loses libel action against reporter Carole Cadwalladr a SLAPP fail

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She said: “On 22 Oct 2020, I tweeted that Arron had been found to have broken the law. I accept he has not. I regret making this false statement, which I have deleted. I undertake not to repeat it.

“I apologise to Arron for the upset and distress caused.”
and you thought it was funny she might lose her home by standing up to liars and cheats

why did Banks go after her and not the Guardian????
This trial was a what is known as a SLAPP a form of litigation known collectively as SLAPPs – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.

SLAPPs can be characterised as an abuse of the legal process, where the primary objective is to harass, intimidate and financially and psychologically exhaust one’s opponent via improper means.

These actions are typically initiated by reputation management firms and framed as defamation or privacy cases brought by individuals or corporations to evade scrutiny in the public interest

People like Aaron Banks should be investigated and brought to justice.
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Early life​

Banks was born in Cheshire, England, and raised by his mother in Basingstoke, Hampshire; his father worked as a sugar plantation manager in various African countries. From the age of 13 he attended a boarding school in Berkshire called Crookham Court, before being expelled for "an accumulation of offences", including the sale of lead stolen from the roofs of school buildings, and "high-spirited bad behaviour". He then attended St Bartholomew's School in Newbury but was expelled again. He returned to Basingstoke, where he sold paintings, vacuum cleaners, and then houses.[1][15]

Thats not what the judgement says. The defamation was upheld, it was the damages caused by the specific tweet that struggled. By communicating the defamation on multiple platforms, she exposed her self to a personal claim.

I would encourage a read of the judgment
Banks lost because he wanted to ruin her, whatever the decision

Its bolox to claim his reputation was damaged -he is a disgusting low life and the judge should have deported him to Rwanda
I've never met him and I don't care to. But this was a near miss. Had she not retracted her allegation, had he been able to show real damages etc. Remember the defamation was upheld, it failed at the second test. Certainly wasn't an abuse of process or vexatious claim.
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