Audi A5 2.0 TDI Power Steering Control Module Location

8 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi All

Need to know where on an Audi A5 2.0 TDI 2015 Model the power steering module is located. Been told it is where the wind screen wipers are nit even after looking there cannot spot it! I know it is an silver coated box but have been searching for a while and cannot locate it!

The Power Steering symbol has come up on the dashboard and a diagnosis scan says power steering control module fault

Many Thanks
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Have you tried the obvious of removing the code and the light, see if it returns ?

A definite issue or something as simple as a voltage spike ?

Code cleared but still comes back. and no it is not part fo the rack it lies somewhere where the wipers are
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Code cleared but still comes back. and no it is not part fo the rack it lies somewhere where the wipers are
Oh the steering “wheel” control module. Mounted behind the steering wheel for most vw Audi cars. bit of removal to get to it.

EDIT. maybe not on this one. Is this it. Doesn’t look like most of the plastic column controllers I’ve seen behind the wheel. this is left hand drive obviously.
Hi All

Please see error message from VCDS which is
Power Steering Assist 1052420
Steering assist J500

Internal control module memory check sum error- internal electronic failure

Does anyone know where this controls module is situated or even someone who can repair it etc in the London / Ruislip area and approx costs involved?
I have also read this may be due to fuses or low battery? Any help on how to solve this would be great.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks
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Only that the steering light has come on dashboard and steering feels a little vague etc and sometimes heavy
Obvious question, but not knowing VCDS; does it give any location information, fuse info or wiring diagrams?

The electric steering motor is usually part of the rack, and if an end seal has perforated, water could get in and corrode the motor - leading to fuse blowing.

The fuse that feeds the steering rack should be fairly easy to find - it will be a high Amp value - written in your paper owners manual?

Ditto there might be a fuse for "steering control" or some-such nomenclature.
Dear All

Please see attached the Fault found by VCDS

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