Automatic transmission problem

22 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
Following up from a previous post, to the cause of the automatic gear box becoming jerky, slow to respond from neutral in to gear and kick down along with the whistling sound when accelerating appears to be caused by the hydraulic transmission fluid getting to hot therefore thinning, this only happens when the gear box is hot particularly when stuck in traffic, otherwise when cold all works perfect and smooth

Any advice to why the fluid is getting so hot, or any other ideas why the above happens only when warmed up, following a 1 hour journey the oil dip stick would have a brown/burnt oil residue evident along with a strong hot oil smell

This has only started since water contaminated the Outo fluid which has now been completely flushed several times and removed from any trace of water.
Fluid level is correct
The car is a Grand Voyager Automatic 3.3 Ltr 1999, 60.000miles
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Assuming the correct grade of fluid has been used I suspect that that the auto fluid cooler is faulty. Could have been caused by the water getting in or could be coinciedence.
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