Ban all immigration from outside EU

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European Union

Every country for themselves at the moment ;)

in particular macrin and our garlic munching freinds

on the radio they are throwing AZ vaccine away at least 50% of there purchase

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The garlic munchers ....

..our garlic munching freinds


Horse eating weasels
I do wish transam and Dangee had des balles to meet Eric Cantona and repeat their persistently repetitive comments to him.
Simmons assumed he could charge down the front and shout “**** off back to France you French motherfucker” with impunity. Cantona’s re-education programme – a flying kick before a seriously underrated roundhouse right – disabused him of this notion. “You know, you meet thousands of people like him,” said Cantona of Simmons. “If I’d met that guy on another day, things may have happened very differently even if he had said exactly the same things. Life is weird like that.”
Of course, that's never going to happen to transam and Dangee, they prefer to make their cowardly, anonymous racist comments within the protection of DIYnot.
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