Bath Sealant shocker . . . . . .

5 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
My preparation was perfect. Took me bloomin ages to get the old sealnt off , clean and apply masking tape to the area . . . . it could not have been done better.

And the it took just 10minutes to put me back to square one where I have to start all over again.

After applying the sealant I ran a soapy finger over it to smooth it out . . . too hard I think as I had to reapply some sealant in areas where the amount of sealant looked too thin. So there is new sealant on top of a very small film of soapy water, my first error.

Secondly I took off the upper layer of masking tape . . . perfect . . . . But I think I was too slow in removing the lower layer. As I did remove the lower layer of masking tape a film of sealant came with it.

Its a mess . . . absolutely gutted. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!

I know what I've done wrong . . . . got the in-laws coming this weekend so got to get it done before they arrive.
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Good point . . . . that was my third error !!!

Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forget masking tape I can't stress that enough, GET RID OF IT!!! :D

I always use sugar soap beforehand to degrease the area, I also find soapy water causes more problems than it solves, I use saliva.

Run a spit laced finger over the silicone, a tub of Everbuild Wonder Wipes as well for cleaning up. Try the Fugenboys set for perfect crisp lines.
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If you use spit to level of silicone you are liable to cause fungi to contaminate it, true, read Geocile product info. :(
i was given a good tip by a window fitter on how to get a neat and quick silicon bead , get a spray bottle(the type surface cleaner comes in) clean it out, fill with water and a good squeeze of washing up liquid,mix well, apply good bead of silicon to joint as neatly as poss, spray solution all along the bead the run finger to produce fillet,you need plenty of spare wipes to take excess off fingers ,with care you get a good finish :)
As above but you can also use a credit card trimmed to the size of the finish you want, also keeps nasty silicone off ya fingers.
Silicone smoothing tools are better than any finger as they give a more consistent finish along the length of the bead.

I bought one at Wickes (no longer sold there, unfortunately) which has two rubberised ends, to which the sealant wouldn't stick. The two ends have different radii so you can do beads with a tighter radius and beads with a broader radius.

No soap or detergent required.

Not sure why some people have an aversion to masking tape, whenever I've seen a bead done without it it is rather wonky. I prefer to have a bevelled edge the thickness of masking tape than a wonky smear along the edge of my bath! :LOL:
Easiest way to silicone is but descent high modulous silicon, apply to area, leave for 3-4 mins then use a spray bottle filled with few peas of wash liquid and water to wet area, then firmly run your finger over the silicon TOWARDS you, wipe off excess as you go along.

Another tip, always always use clear on chrome and black tile

I am the king of siliconing lol.

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