Bathroom Floor Prep - getting enough depth

29 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom

we're removing wooden floorboards in a bathroom to get it ready for tiling. The tiler recommended 18ml ply when he came to price the job but wasn't aware that we would like to install an electric heat mat.

I spoke to him briefly today and he reckoned 6ml would be required for the mat/self levelling, 2ml for adhesive and 10ml for the tile. That gives 36ml in total but we only have 30ml to finish to the same level as the hall.

The easy way to have the two floors on the same level is to forgo the mat - and we're prepared to do so - but I'd like to know of other possibilities to discuss with the tiler when he calls around next week.

The floor is 8'x5', joists are 9"x3" centred at 18" (four joists). I was thinking of fitting batons to the insides of the joists, 18ml from the top, and filling each section with 18ml ply then boarding the whole lot with 12ml ply in the hope that this would give a base that the tiler would be happy with. The tiler might suggest this anyway but would there be any reason he would not be happy with this way of achieving a lower level?
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by doing it that way,all your doing is laying 12mm wbp ply "over" the joists,the 18mm will be redundent,in between the joists...

6mm is not that big off a can make or get a nice transion strip for the threshold.
6mm is not that big off a can make or get a nice transion strip for the threshold.
6mm may not be much but I would prefer to have it smooth - can't explain why - even if it means sacrificing the heat mat.

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