Baxi Duo Tec 24he not heating but hot waters okay?




I have a Baxi Duo Tec 24he which has decided to starting being awkward,

I have hot water, but no heating? any ideas what it could be?

Thanks very much
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It could be.......well many things....some more info would help How do you normally turn your heating on ? What type of "control" is it i.e a wired programmer a remote control room stat make model etc.You say your hot water is o.k so it follows that your boiler actually does fire.So all it will do is sit there and wait for a command to switch on the heating you/we need to know what is installed in order to help.What actually happens at the boiler when you switch on your heating ?
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i have a honeywell wireless stat with a salus ep100 timer

i normally either press the +1 button on the timer to get the heating on or put it on constant

when turned on the heating light illuminates but the pilot light does not, the boiler then sounds as though it water is running through it then makes a whirring sound but after about 10 seconds it switchs off

hot water is working no problem at all

thanks again!
What happens if you press the overide button at the honeywell receiver ?
Other stuff are batteries o.k in the stat...change them..Are you skilled enough to "link" out the room stat at the boiler terminal block ?
the receiver has one button on it when i press that it clicks the green light on it goes out and nothing else happens
Batteries ?
Does the c.h light stay on on the boiler.If if goes of shortly after it comes on i would suggest your problem is the room stat/clock/wireless set up.You did not say if you could "link out " the controls or if you have checked any batteries.....These boilers are pretty good with fault indication as you have not said you have noticed any fault codes i would imagine the boiler itself is o.k
I have changed the batteries in the transmitter

the ch light comes on for a brief few seconds then goes off again

how would i link out the controls?

Mmmm...i have to say if you are asking that you need to call in an expert,i would not be prepared to instruct you on this matter.Best wishes.

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