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Best place for filter waste hose on P trap?

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by Akustik, 26 May 2021.

  1. Akustik


    1 Aug 2019
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    United Kingdom
    Hi, I need to install a reverse osmosis system under my sink. It requires to drill and mount a waste water connection to the P trap. See images attached or video
    Relevant clip is at around 5:00.

    My P trap is different because of the washing machine and dishwasher waste hoses connecting to it. What would be the best spot to mount this new waste hose?

    There's not really any room above the connecting washing machine and dishwasher hoses, but is it fine to do it under them?

    Also, for later on, is there a way to plug the hole should I move out and want to not leave a hole in the trap for all the water to leak out :) ?

    Image.jpeg Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 16.34.07.png
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