Blaupunkt Smart TV recording?

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
We have a number of so called “Smart” devices, each one is different in what it will do, but it seems once a USB hard drive is plugged in they can both record and play back TV, movies, etc.

The 43/134M-GB-11B-FEGUX-UK has a red record button on the remote, and the user guide lists the button as “Record – Access the USB record function.” There is a reference to using a stick or Hard drive over 32GB and formatting to FAT32, I don’t have a small stick to hand so not tested, to record is it simply a case of getting a small stick rather than using a 1TB hard drive, or is the TV simply not able to record.

It plays back many pre-recorded films and TV programs. Odd some of the pre-recorded films we can’t view with set top box (An Ice Weasel) work on the TV, and some the set top box will play the TV will not.

Since it only cost £150 at Tesco black Friday deal, I am not that worried about recording, however the Freeview program guide seems so much better than the IceWeasel set top box it would be an advantage to use the TV to record with, it replaces a LG TV 32” which had a built in hard drive without any USB sockets.

The IceWeasel is both Freeview and Free to air satellite and it allows one to move, delete, and hide programs and is also HD, but it does not seem to work very well on the internet, and the program guide is very slow, often you have to select a program before the guide works.

I am now living with my 91 year old mother and the larger TV made sense, but I was not very good at getting TV and Internet links set up around the house. So although we have Sky+ in one room, and an old Sky box in another room, we don’t have the ability to watch in all rooms, so a transportable recording system may be a good move.
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When you say "a small USB stick" I just want to check that you understand it must be larger than 32Gb. So you're looking at USB sticks of 64Gb or bigger.

Depending how the TV structures the storage on that USB stick it may be a good idea to have one stick for TV recording and another for movie/file playback. Just check too whether the TV will allow the recording of one channel whilst watching another.
I was reading instructions in reverse to that, I was thinking 32GB or less to record, it says "Ensure the USB Memory Key is formatted to type FAT32." it continues "If you wish to use a portable hard drive larger than 32GB, please note it mus be formatted to the FAT32 file system in order to operate on this TV. Windows XP/Vista computers are only capable of formatting up to 32GB, therefore, you will need a software program/utility to format larger hard drives."
It then gives a web address where you can buy 32GB drives.

On first going onto internet it auto down loaded an upgrade, so maybe this info is now redundant? The 1TB drives I have are FAT32 the 2TB is NTFS I thought they were all NTFS when I first posted. I have not tried the NTFS drive, the FAT32 drive will work allowing viewing of pre-recorded films and TV. But all attempts to record have failed.

Maybe it simply will not record? But seems odd to have a record button on the remote if it has not got a record function?
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Yes it's very good, other than no record, but that was last Friday, now back at £250.
I have a number of "Smart" devices. Each one has different features. The Blaupunkt has a really good 7 day guide, at last a TV where the guide actually works. The YouTube also A1, and two USB connections. Both wireless and wired LAN not tried using as computer monitor. It plays USB films, although not all, but not sure if no record or if I am doing something wrong?
I got the TV on the Tesco Black Friday sale, already there have been two software upgrades it says to increase functionality. As with other electronic goods I have bought, the firmware upgrade does not include a new manual, my DSLR camera does far more than the manual says, I expect it will be same with TV.

I have tried with a 1TB and a 500MB hard drive to record, the blue light at bottom of TV flashes red, but it does not seem to record.

I use an IceWeasel under set box to be able to get satellite channels, this has a working record function so for me not really a problem. However the IceWeasel electronic program guide is useless compared with the one built into the TV. Got the IceWeasel from Maplin with idea of turning the old 32" LED TV into a smart TV, but the internet function was next to useless. I do like the TV bit of the box where terrestrial and satellite TV is integrated so one can seamlessly view both without having to swap between the two systems. But it does not auto order them in either freeview or freesat order, as the user it is up to me to select the order.

Upstairs we have a Polaroid TV that also does not follow the freeview order, seems 1 to 99 reserved for local links, i.e. sky box and all freeview starts at 100. Again down to user to select program order. That TV will record without a problem, however the electronic program guide is next to useless, really slow showing the programs, and often you need to select the program to get the guide to work.

So all in all the Blaupunkt is working well, the old LG TV's with built in hard drives also seem to have problems with the electronic program guide, and every time freeview swap programs which seems to be every other week they need reprogramming, same with Panasonic TV at my home, it was always reprogramming, so until the Blaupunkt I had considered freeview as a PITA and only used satellite TV. The Blaupunkt TV is the only one of the TV's I have where I can say freeview works well.

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