Bloody Rats!

23 May 2020
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United Kingdom
Back in 2017 we had an extension built. Last year we found that our downstairs toilet flexible pipe had been chewed through and we had rats in the cavity walls. Cue plumber to replace the pipe, a non-return valve fitted by pest control where our house meets the main sewer, and a few other rat fixes. Rats disappeared for a year...

Today, definitely signs of rats again - wife heard them in the walls, ceiling etc. I checked and yes, they've chewed through the flexible pipe again. I've checked and the non-return where our drain meets the main sewer is OK (i.e. not stuck open)...

I'm now thinking what to do next. Another non-return valve where our waste pipe exists the toilet (straight through the wall really) into the inspection chamber? Our inspection chamber flows from 4 or 5 properties on our cul-de-sac so I guess a rat could enter "upstream" and still get into our property.

I'm also thinking what to do when we repair the toilet. Is there such a thing as a rat-proof flexible connection pipe??

Finally...disgustingly...where the rats chewed through the pipe, our cavity wall now has .,.. solid toilet leakage inside. What's the best way to deal with this? It isn't reachable by hand...a vacuum cleaner pipe would reach it...Or will it biodegrade by itself? Disgusting I know!
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Your flexible pan connector can be fitted with a rodent barrier. The Flexi shouldn't go into the wall cavity ,there should be rigid pipe into the room.
Can you show pics of the Flexi / wall position.
Rats will be looking for light, light means they're near the surface and a possible exit is available. Rats love flexi pan connectors, firstly they are translucent so let light through, and then ratty finds they are also very easy to chew through and create an exit.

The flexi needs doing away with and a rigid pan connector fitting ideally, either way any type of pan connector should never be used through a wall! The soil pipe should be fitted so a tail protrudes into the room, then a pan connector used to make the connection between pan and soil pipe.

Photo of your setup will help us advise better, but sounds horribly like your drainage hasn't been put in to standard when the extension was built, if the problem has only been since then.
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Flexi pan cons are a portal to a rat.
Have some wonderful experience with this in Trafalgar Place in Brighton.

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