Boom - There go your worker rights

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It is not an opinion you idiot. Tell that to your kids when they have to work three jobs with no job security or rights. Tell them you wanted this. Why you suddenly scared. Why are you not accepting responsibility?
On twitter ? They are just voicing an opinion, they are not "experts" as you call them. They are left wing crybabies, aggrieved at the fact they are not getting their way. Twitter, LOL.

David Allen Green? He's from the FT you numpty. Go read the WAB or that section.

I give up at the level of idiocy even when it's written in black and white.
So what is it, an act of Parliament ? When did it come into force ?

When it gets voted in today. So anything written down as proposed legilsation is an opinion now. Is that the goto excuse now? Everyting is an opinion.

The purpose of the WAB is to turn the withdrawal agreement, which is a draft international treaty, into UK law and to give the government permission to ratify it.

The terms on which the UK will leave the EU have now been agreed between Boris Johnson's government and those of the other 27 member states.

You are beyond help at this point. I feel sorry for your kids. You truly did them over.
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