Bosch Classixx heat exchanger

4 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi All,
Could someone tell me please; is it normal for the heat exchanger to stay filled at the end of a wash cycle?
I intermittently get the 'check water' light on (solid) at different points when initiating a wash cycle.
Sometimes on fairly quickly in first 3 or so minutes & wash stops - sometimes at the end (it has drained & is hot) - today the check water came on mid cycle but it continued with the program.
steps taken so far;
removed & cleaned & refitted heat exchanger.
anti flood float seems dry & no water in there
reset & power off at plug socket (even for a couple of days)
machine drains & pumps out quickly
machine fill & water pressure is good
sump & impeller checked all clear
(I have also tried the tipping from side to side tip)

Can the machine get 'confused' / corrupted as to where it is in a cycle? reason I ask this is; I have noticed a few times that it lights 'drying' light, but sounds like it is still washing/rinsing for a while still, before drying.

(as others have said - such a humiliating problem, when you think you have fixed it!)

Thanks in anticipation of a knowledge god!
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