Bosch Dishwasher not draining

2 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom

My 4 year old Bosch dishwasher has started cutting out mid washing cycle as it's not draining. I removed the waste water pump filter and there didn't appear to be anything blocking the impeller, it turned freely.

I've undone the drain hose where it plugs into the drain and there was nothing immediately obvious.

I'd welcome advice on what I should check next, where the drain hose joins at the back of the machine? Thanks.
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Drop hose into a bowl and run machine, then you will be able to see if it's pumping correctly.
Where is connects under sink? did you check in the nozzle for grease build up?
Thanks. I ran the machine with the hose in a bowl as suggested and it did pump water out once. All seemed fine and ran as it should initially.

It was a 29 minute "quick" cycle. It counted down to 14 minutes normally, during which it pumped out once into the bowl, but then the timer jumped back to 23 minutes which was odd.

It seemed to still be making all the right noises though, still water sloshing about inside. Then when it got to 21 minutes it stopped completely, the display showed 0:00 and the check water light came on.

Presumably not the pump then?

It's a Bosch slimline Exxcel SPS53E18GB / 23
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Having washed by hand for three weeks I thought I'd just try the dishwasher again and it worked perfectly for 6 washes before stopping again tonight with the same fault.

Could it be that some sort of switch is being tripped? By leaving it for three weeks the water causing the issue evaporated or moving it I'd dislodged something? Clutching at straws here...
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Does it have a switch in the bottom, we had one (different make) that had a small split on drain hose this was filling base of dishwasher and tripping the cut out switch. I took it apart and replaced split hose. Fine since.
Thanks. The underside was the one section I didn't look at. I'll take a look but no water came out when I moved it.
I checked the base tray today. It was bone dry with no obvious sign of any leaks :(.
Suggestions for any other areas/components to check much appreciated? Thank you
Hi - did you resolve this problem with your dishwasher? Our Bosch is playing up with the same symptoms... seems to drain fine at the start of the "Quick" cycle - but halfway through it cuts out with the "check water" light on, and there is water left in the bottom.

The filter is fairly clean and the impeller wasn't greatly clogged, it seems to spin in the sump, and I've checked that the drain is clear under the sink - we're now at the stage where I will have to pull it out at the weekend and take the sides off to investigate further... as it doesn't look like the impeller can be removed from above... :rolleyes:

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