Bosch SMS 603 dishwasher broke mid cycle. Manual anyone?

13 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
Hello All,
My Bosch SMS 603 diswasher stopped working mid cycle and will not start.

There is power to the machine as the salt indicator is on.

The neon bulb (I say neon from inspection and I am not 100% sure) indicating machine on or off does not come on when the on off button is switched on. The neon bulb here is blackened. There is however a slight flash of light when the on off switch is depressed. There is a voltage here.

So I removed the program selector containing the on off switch.I couldn't see any problems.

One hypothesis is that the neon bulb has gone but I don't know if this would cause the machine to stop working. And if so what type neon bulb will it take? (I don't want to buy a new program selector as the bulb can be changed with bit of soldering. Again this may not be the problem...)

So I am stuck. Does anyone know if it possible to find a repair manual for this dishwasher model or circuit diagrams etc? (of course any advice is also appreciated)

Many thanks
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If you can remove the outer door panel,six screws inside the door,check the door switch and wiring below door handle.Also check for any broken harness wires at bottom of door.
Thanks for replies
1) rocks thanks for the hint :) Do you know specifically where in Bosch to contact and secondly whether they provide this information?
2) assulhors: I will check these areas. If I can't get anywhere with this I am going to try the haynes manual for dishwashers from my local library to see if help
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The problem was that a couple of the wires which run from the control switch to under the machine were snapped within the harness at the bottom of the door. The harness was also damaged.

I replaced the broken wires by splicing a new wire to connect them together.

I had to cut out around 40cm length of wire (to completely bypass the broken wire in the harness as they were glued in). I connected one end of the wire to a point under the machine and the other end to to a point within the door. I soldered the splice togther as applied heat shrink insulation then some insulation tape. I had to do this twice for the two sets of broken wires (4 splices in total).

As I couldn't place the new wires within the existing harness, to protect them I placed the new wires in a cable protector in parallel with the existing harness (at the bottom of the door to the underside of the machine). The machine works now so it appears that no other damage has been caused by this fault.

I also pathched up the original harness where it had been damaged.

Let's see if my method of protecting the wires prevents a further break.

Thanks for your help

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