bosch dishwasher exxcel does not shut off after wash cycle

7 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom
My bosch dishwasher runs through its wash cycle fine and cleans its load well but when time gets to 0 time remaining the pumps appear to keep running and the heater is still on, water is pumped out. The machine will continue like this until the power is switched off. The the machine will restart a new cycle.
I have checked the anti flood and this is OK. The matrix and all pipe work appear to be clear?

Bosch Exxcel multi program
Type S9G1B
E/NR SGS45E02GB/45
FD8408 004791
10/16A // 13A

Can any one help on how to repair?
If parts are needed who can supply?
Is here a repair manual available for this machine and who can supply?
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Could be a jammed pressure switch & your machine "thinks" it still has water in it. Failing that I might suspect the pcb.
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Thanks for your help so far.

Where do I find the pressure switch on this machine?

If it turns out to be the PCB board I assume you refer to the larger of the 2 with the read out?

Is it possible to test the items to confirm a failure of one or both?

once again many thanks for your help zipper.
I will try to answer your questions as best I can but upon reading through your OP again I am a little confused regarding your initial description. Can you clarify again please? When you say the "pumps" are running do you mean both the wash motor and drain pump together...while the heater is still on? Because this isn't possible, and safety devices on the instantaneous water heater prevent it operating when it shouldn't. Reset the machine, try running another wash & post results. To do this simultaneously press buttons number 3 and 5 (counting from the left) for min 3 seconds.
Thanks again zipper for your continued help.

I have tried several times to reset the machine when I have been testing all the wash cycles over the past week. When I press the reset buttons the cycle always stops the wash cycle it is on. Does the same thing it does at the end of a full cycle.
The cycle stops.
The display reads "0".
Then the machine pumps out.
The machine pumps out but pulses.
If you open the door when this is going on.
I can just see the tail end of water coming out of the Spray arms this is both top and bottom arms as if the wash pump has been shut down by opening the door.
approx 1" of water is left in the pump sump/filter area.
If this is done at the end of a complete cycle and "0 time remaining has been showing for a long time the wash compartment is very hot!
The machine will stay like this until the power button is pressed.

(The pump sound appear to pulse? could they be switching between the drain and wash pumps?)
If you switch the power button off when all this is going on (At the end of a cycle or after pressing the set buttons).All the pumps stop and the machine goes silent. Pressing the power button restarts the machine at the start of the wash cycle the machine last run.

I hope this all be long winded give you the info to help me further.

Once again many thanks for your help.
From your latest description it sounds like the pump can't manage to evacuate the water after the rinse/dry sequence.
BTW opening the door at any time while a cycle is active will stop whatever is going on so I wouldn't pay much attention to that.
A good place to start would be to remove the access plate directly below the door (it is easier to work on it if you take off the door facia first). Empty as much of the free standing water as possible (take out the filter & bail out what you can). Locate & remove the drain pump (on the left hand side of the sump). The pump is twist fitted but you have to release a plastic clip before you can twist it off (be aware some water will flow out). Then look for a short clear plastic ribbed hose very near to the drain pump & take it off (pulls out at both ends). The hose may be blocked by residue in which case you have found the problem. Rinse it out with hot water & a bottle brush. Check the pump housing for blockages or a slack bearing at the impellor side. Your model may also have a non return valve in the drain path but I will have to pull up some drawings before I can confirm that.
I have checked the pump and all appear OK,

The fill pipe was clear of any obstructions.

The pipe that runs from the pump to the matrix was also clear.

The matrix is clear.

including the valve at the top.

I have also checked the fill out let pipe that is also clear.

What I could see with the pump removed is what appears to be a none return valve you speak of (a black rubber flap hanging down from the top of the pipe just in outlet of the pump housing just before where the clear plastic pipe pushes in to the rear of the pump housing, This pipe then runs to the matrix).

I have know also noticed with the side cover off. That when the machine pumping out then stops pumping the water in the machine side of the matrix returns back into the pump /filter sump.

Could the none return valve be at fault? If so how do I get at it to replace it?
Can the valve be purchased as a part?
If so do you know where can I get one from?

Yet again thankyou for your help.
Sometimes the non return flap becomes displaced in it's seating or just plain wears out. It is only a small flimsy piece of rubber but it can cause a big problem. The pump clears the water ok but because the non return flap doesn't work as it should then as soon as the pump stops "x" amount of water floods back into the sump & the cycle repeats itself. I guess you could use the phrase "like trying to shovel water uphill". The original Bosch part number is 165262. You can get a replacement here
With the pump removed you should be able to push it out with your finger from the sump side.
Good luck, I think you have done a great job :D
Last night after finding the none return valve I tried cleaning round the seat of the valve with an old tooth brush. I did this from the front of the machine with pump removed. I could not see any dirt. but when I tested the machine with the left side cover off so I could see the matrix, when the pump started running I could just see some small object pass through the matrix. The brushing must have dislodged something in, around or part of the none return valve this mush have been in the solid part of the pipe I cannot see through. Or reseated the valve.

Now when I press reset the cycle stops.
Time remaining reads "0".
The I hear the pumps start up and stop about three times.
The last pump start up lasts longer then the others.
Then the machine appears to shut down.

This also happens at the end of a normal wash cycle. (I have not yet had time to check if the heater shuts off correctly).

So the machine appears to be working correctly. :D

I will put yet another cleaner through the machine :!:

For completeness I think I will still replace the none return valve so could you please explain more on the fitting of the valve. Does the valve push out of the back (towards the matrix?) If so how do I get to the back of sump housing to do this?
Do I have to remove the wash tub?
To be honest I can't remember when I last changed a non return flap. On reflection it may be accessible from above. Look into the sump from the inside of the machine. Is there a small plastic cover on the left hand side above where the pump sits. Does it have a T20 torx screw? if so remove it (the cover could also be slotted in place with no screw) I have a feeling the tee-piece of the non-return flap sits in a recess there. I can't seem to remember it being a big job at all to replace & you shouldn't have to dismantle much to get at it. Please forgive my poor memory.
Zipper Your memory is spot on.

The valve just lifts out after removing the small cover held in by the one screw. It will take all of 5 mins to replace the valve.

Happily with your help my machine is now working correctly and at little or no cost.

Finally Zipper. once again many many thanks for your time and help you have kindly given.
My pleasure & congratulations on a job well done :D
BTW If you ever break a glass in the machine and a small piece jams the pump impellor (it happens a lot). You can usually fish it out via the cover in the sump (saves a bigger job).
Was having the same problem tonight with the girlfriends dishwasher, was racking my brains, finally decided to do some online digging and found this superb conversation. Ill be having a go at this next time i have a day off. Question? I notice its almost a year since your fix. Is the dishwasher still fixed and running correctly. Many many thanks to you and zipper :D

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