Building a website? I haven't a clue

I think you are missing the point.

this site carries adds to pay for it, i also have adds on my site, the more popular a site is the more visits / page views it gets.

this uses bandwidth, you are allocated x amount of bandwidth / month by your web host, go over this and you have to pay or site is closed down.
most offer an option for lots of band width / month but it costs £, are you going to pay out of your own pocket for it?

my site sells nothing, just gives advice, but its getting popular, so it is starting to cost me a bit too much, so i opted to pt adds on which help towards the £
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What point is there to clarify?

I haven't criticised either the site, it's administrators or any member. If the site draws in income to alleviate debt. Good!!

My last message was in respect to a comment that the site could be a target for people who could have nefarious intentions. Nothing more. No coded messages.
However there is a typo in the 5th line of my last message, which should have read; Having said that there are some . . . . Maybe you picked up the wrong thread and thought I was having a go.
you missed the point again.

you said

VeRetired said:
It will NOT carry banners or adverts, so it wouldn't be very profitable for scammers or abusive mail.

my point was if you get a lot of visitors your site will cost £

by having ads, it hepls towrds the £

abusive email and scammers will find you with or without ads

also by having an "anoyone can post option", how ever you do it, people will post adverts

that is why i scrapped mine, when it became popular it had adult links put in.
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Setting up a forum type site is relatively complicated. You need some medium to store the forum information, which will invariably involve a database of some description. Then you will need some forum software, which will commonly be PHP or perl based. To try and teach programming and database skills via a forum is pretty much impossible.

I don't wish to sound negative, but it won't be a five minute job, even if you had a full time instructor.

Having said that, if you have the time and inclination, you could teach yourself. I would google for free forum software and then become familiar with MySQL and PHP scripts.