Can using dishwasher tablets cause blocked drains?


5 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
We stopped using powder in our washing machine a few years ago because it was regularly blocking our drains. We switched to liquid (Waitrose essential, plus Comfort fabric conditioner).

But I still need to rod/jet them about once a year, removing long chunks of white, waxy blockage.

The drain carries kitchen sink and washing machine waste - but also the waste from our dishwasher. We do about two dishwasher runs a day. using powder tablets. So I've been wondering - could that be enough to cause blockages over time? Should I switch to dishwasher liquid?

Or is it possible that our clothes washing liquid can still cause blockages?

Any helpful comments and suggestions welcome - thanks! Are there any brands/products which are proven to be better than others at not blocking drains?

And in the meantime we are trying to put as little fat etc down the sink as possible.
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1) no

2) the correct amount of fat to put down a drain is zero. Pour it into a tin can and bin it; wipe out the pans with kitchen roll and bin it.

Put this white waxy stuff on your bonfire or Barbie. I expect it is emulsified fat.
White waxy seems to fit the description for congealed fat, detergents tend not to dissolve in harder water areas and resolidify in the drains not looking entirely dissimilar to how they started off!

Does the drain just serve your house? Seems a lot of fat congealing if your not putting very much down the sink, although the dishwasher discharge will still contain fat if it's been washed off plates, cooking pots etc.

I live in a very hard water area, and use laundry liquid rather than powder for the simple reason it works better IMO as powder simply doesn't dissolve very well round here.

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