Kitchen waste drain blockage

30 May 2007
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United Kingdom

Have a blocked drain outside the kitchen. Takes the washing machine, dishwasher and sink. Doesn't seem to drain at all. I have rodded it, seems to be a very hard blockage and has been tackled from either end. Either there is a turn thats too tight for my drainage rods or its a very hard blockage.

Any help would be gratefully received

Yours BlessedlyBrian
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Many gullies are plunger proof, especially when there are lumps of congealed grease bound up with all manner of nasties.

Best bet is a wet vac to empty the gully, then, wearing some long-sleeves gloves, and a clothes peg on yer nose, haul out whatever putrid yuck remains. Follow up with a couple of kettles of very hot water, then plenty of cold water (e.g. hosepipe) to clean it all up.

Also, if the gully has been backing up, you'll find similar indescribable detritus inside the waste pipes in the kitchen. The best way to clear these is to take all the traps off and wash them out, and while they're off use a sanisnake to push the gunk-that-is-not-of-this-earth down the waste pipe.

When it's all working, consider using some that Mr Muscle (or similar) drain cleaner to clear more of the greasy cack from the places that couldn't be reached (this won't do anything until you clear the blockage though).


Tip: put a plug in the kitchen sink before removing the trap.
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Just a tip I learnt the other day doing exactly the same as your about to....................Stick your arm into large black bin liners (at least three for strength) to cover the whole arm, look's like a vet about to go into action, but it kept me dry and muck free. :LOL:

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