Changing 2 gang 2 way to a 2gang 1 way smart switch

14 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi I'm trying to change my 2 gang 2 way switches in my lounge to 2 gang 1 way smart switches.
Only one has to work as they are voice controlled.
The smart switch only has
L = live ( common)
N = Neutral
L1 = Light one
L2 = Light two


Second switch

Main switch
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Your first problem is you don't appear to have a neutral at either switchplate (just because you can see blue and black wires don't go assuming they are neutral cos they're not).
Some smart switches will work without a neutral (depending on the load being switched)- check the instructions, let us know
The smart switch I have are no neutral required. I just have to put a capacitor in the light fitting ( which is no problem)
The second problem is that one of the circuits is two way, and that switch doesn’t seem to have that capability.

you may be able to bodge the set up using a smart phone app. Like this
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That's great Thanks but which wires do I use and what should I do with the other wires?
If this helps this is the wiring at the light end

1st light


2nd light
I have added the capacitors to stop the lights from flashing
That's great Thanks but which wires do I use and what should I do with the other wires?
It’s described at about 2:30 in the YouTube video. Obviously you need to do some reorganisation of your wiring as you need live and neutral at each switch. How you achieve that depends on how your lighting wiring has been done.
Your new switch has a common live for both lights- check that both lights are fed by the same fuse/mcb in the consumer unit (they almost certainly are but you need to check).

Is the new switch going at the Main Switch position or the Second Switch position? Do you own a multimeter, a terminal driver, a 1 gang blank plate and some 5a terminal block (or Wagos if you are feeling posh).

It is most likely that permanent live in each switch circuit comes from the red of the red and black pair and switched power to each lamp goes up the black of the red and black pair. Ideally you would confirm that with your meter, getting it wrong might not do your new switch any good.

Before you do much else, mark each core in the existing switches (or mark each lump of t & e as A,B and C and write down which core of each lump goes to which terminal on the existing switch (this so you can restore the old switching if you need to).
Thanks so I have the main switch working as a 2 gang 1 way ( only checking before using the smart switch)
Should i just choc block the other wires? (Separately of course)
The cables with the Red and Black at each switch are the Permanent Live and Switched Live for their associated light.
Both cables with Red, Blue and Yellow run between the two switches to enable two-way switching.

The Red and Black cable is all you need for switching at each switch position.

If you want to use your new switch at one position, then you will have to rearrange the wiring at the other light to bring a neutral to the other switch then use a Blue to run it to the first switch and use a Red to run a Switched Live to the other switch position and light.
Have you marked the t & e lumps at each switch? If so, show us the pics with the markings, it'll make it much easier to tell you which wire goes where. Provided your capacitor bodge works you can skip the bit about getting a neutral back to the switch.
EDIT Your modified 2g 1w switch will be fine til you disconnect the 2nd switch, it'll then stop working.
So just to update I was over complicating it all.
All I needed to use was the black and red on each end and program the switches. Now they work at both ends no problem. All the other wires are the 2 way between switches so I have choc blocked them and pushed them in out the way
Although - as he says in the video, the switches won't work as two-way without the Wi-fi and /or internet.

Might not be a problem until one day it is.
All my switches are wired if the internet goes down it will just mean that 1 switch will work 1 light and the other switch will work the other

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