Checking boiler safety

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I noticed that little Joe hasn't answered my hypothetical situations.

Surely he knows a way for those problems to be avoided by simply stuffing an FGA down the flue terminal?
TBH this thread has had me spitting tea all over the keypad , quality. :mrgreen:

Can just imagine the OP going round all the neighbours houses telling them when they should get their boilers serviced , cheek of it!!! , would love it for him to knock on my door , i'd cut his strings. :LOL:
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Another wind up post from ?? :) aka the Albanian aka the german ?

Even answering him self :D :D :D :D
You can, nobody will stop you. The problem is: will you do it right? For one thing, these are extremely sensitive and fragile instruments that go off the zero point easily. Secondly, they need checking and calibrating every year. The oxygen and CO sensors erode and will give completely wrong readings after a while, at which point they need replacing. Cost depending on spec from about £80 to £300. also prepared to use my analyser on my neibours boiler too along with a nominal charge of £10 ,if i find CO/CO2 ratio exceeds action level then obviously time to call a RGI.
Technically, you are not allowed to charge for that in money OR in kind without being a RGI.
many vulnerable people can no-longer pay for a full service due to rising bills. Better a bit of a test than none at all eh?
Another good attempt at the dickhead of the week award.
Better a flawed test with wrong readings than no test at all? That's a bit like saying better a blood infusion with the wrong blood type than none at all. :rolleyes:
I nominate Joe for official "most ignorant poster on the forum" status.
What evidence do you have that the readings would be wrong? Why does a semi-literate jumped up plumber believe he is more intelligent than any other tradesman?

Hope you don't ride a motorbike - you'd never get the helmet on. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
What evidence do you have that the readings would be wrong?
The analyser needs at least annual calibration, AND correct zeroing, AND correct operation.
The last two may possibly be done correctly by chance, the former is automatically faulty unless measured and reset at a specialist maintenance company.
The chances of an analyser not needing adjustment and/or sensor replacement after a year, are similar to a car wheel never needing re-balancing or new tyre.
So in the 11th month you are happy to give false reading? Or does it only go out of true a week before calibration? And if you rarely use it will it still go-out-of-true? If so - how? Give us the science.
It all depends in how big knobby's road is... do you do your own mot test on the grounds that your car may or may not be road legal 11 months later?

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