choice of unvented cylinder and boiler combo

So £1400 for your second combi and probably same again for installation and were up to £2800, an unvented cylinder say £800 and £1000 for install so shall we say thats a £1000 cheaper for a better setup, as already said watch the door on the way out. :D
And the rest. A better setup? That runs out of DHW? Nah! A bettery setup that leave you with heat if the boiler fails? Nah! A quality 400-500 litre cylinder costs. Then all the zone valves and pipes, then the space it takes up. ...and it will run out of hot water and standing heat losses, etc. Then if any of the pressure valves fail a very expensive bill. The Ultracom combi can be bought for around £,1300. The more I look at it, the extra combi is a no brainer.

Says the moron that lives in a poky little flat.

You know little about decent heating options, and to presume that you know better than the assorted professionals here is comical.

Besides - I thought you were leaving? Tutty bye now.

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Ah I see the troll is back and the new flavour of the month seems to be intergas ......The love affair with Remeha Avant is well and truly over
Also the nonsense of two boilers again.

Rated people and the likes where trademans have to buy work is full of charlatans, alot of new start up companies ex courier driversand the like purporting to be plumbers.May I suggest you get some local heating companies in and discuss you needs fully with them
I would keep the combi you got now and put in an unvented cylinder, even two combis wont run 3 bathrooms.
It depends on the flowrate of the second combi of course. A high flowrate two bathroom stored water combi would do for sure. Also the usage is important. How often would three bathrooms be in use at the same time? Probably never unless it is guest house.

Do not dismiss outright this suggestion, as in many instances it is by far the better choice all around.

I'd like to see the gas pressure drop at these two boilers with a standard U6????!!! You'd deffo be taking a gas upgrade to the property.

The Oso is a very good call, great units & perform very well.
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