Citroen/Peugeot/Toyota/Fiat van 2nd row seatbelts (2017-onwards)

12 Feb 2024
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United Kingdom
I'm looking for ideas for how to safely attach the top point seatbelt in a van like these mentioned above.

My particular van is a Citroën Dispatch 2019, and i don't have pre-drilled in that pillar. Some other Citroën vans have the factory drilled holes for the top point anchor for seatbelts. There's no way a back spreading plate could be introduced in that slim pillar.
(1st picture is my case, the 2nd and 3rd pictures are from other vans same Citroën branded)

Any suggestions are welcomed


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Best not quote me here but I'd be very careful about DIY'ing seatbelt mounts.......however, lap only belts are still legal (I think) which will give some protection. Maybe your proposed seats have this facility?
John :)
I've got the original belts already with bolts and everything, just need to find a way to put a nut in there....
(Citroën genuine seats and Citroën genuine seatbelts from it's passenger built version, if that was not clear) everything goes in it's factory designed place.
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I suppose we all know that but thanks for you contribution anyway. My question stands
It's incredibly difficult. Lots of manufacturers do this - they make a passenger and a goods version of basically the same vehicle, but to save weight and cost, leave out the belt anchorages in the van versions. Often it's not just a captive nut that's missing. It can be an entire double skin in the pillar pressing. In a previous job, I used to run a seat belt anchorage test rig. The loads they have to withstand, are immense - just under 3 tons per seating position. (Albeit for only 1/5 of a second).

The Construction & Use regs put the obligation on someone fitting seat belt anchorage to a vehicle, to comply with the "technical and installation requirements of ECE Reg 14". That's the regulation that demands the 3 ton pull.

All I can suggest, is finding a passenger version in a scrapyard, and having a really close look at the spot welds (and maybe inside the pillar if you have an endoscope), just to see how it differs from your van. If they looks similar, maybe it will be possible to weld a nut with the appropriate thread to a plate and then drop a string through the hole in the pressing and down the pillar. Tie it to the plate, and pull the plate up inside the pillar, and then screw a bolt into it, to hold it in the right pace, while you drill through both the pillar and the plate, and put half a dozen pop rivets in, then remove the bolt.