Clicking Boiler!

9 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi, we have an Ideal Classic NF30, when the hot water gets to the correct temperature the boiler just makes a continual clicking noise and you have to manually switch the boiler off. The p c board has been replaced and also both solenoids, any ideas would be gratefully received!!
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try and be a bit more specific about the noise (location) is it definatly the boiler and not an ajacent motorised valve trying to close?
definately coming from the boiler in the area of solenoids and board, other than that very diffiuclt to locate exact point, doesn't usually do it for the heating only very occasionally but always when the hot water gets to temp.
are you switching off at main switch/spur outlet or rocker switch behind boiler panel?
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I am just pushing the hot water advance button on the timer/contol box beneath the boiler where you set clock etc, trouble is then you have to remember to switch it back on when you want more hot water
Next time the noise starts, drop down the boiler flap and switch off boiler on rocker switch. What happens then?
Ok thanks, trying now, have turned temperature down so hopefully problem will occur quicker!!
When the boilers clicking look through the small viewing window, can you see a flame?
Sorry didn't get your message just seen it on my original posting, will check tomorrow. Thanks
Hi, have checked this morning, when it clicks the blue flame goes off and on with each click.
There are a few more things to establish, what type of controls do you have on system, a room stat, a cylinder stat, three port mid-position or two two ports, type of cylinder vented or unvented.
When you state the hot water is up to tempreture do you mean its satisfied and shut down by a cylinder thermostat???
I think we have now got to the point where I need to reccommend that you call a competant heating engineer (RGi), I suspect that the problem is with the external controls of your system. The classic boiler does not have a permanent 240 volt supply, its only energised when an external control is sending a signal. The boiler is clearly getting an intermitant signal.

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