Closeboard/palisade fencing gap advice needed?

27 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom

We have a shared boundary with neighbours that is about 70m long. Our neighbours put up a 1.8m palisade fence down 20m of this to create a "compound" to the rear of their place,(150x19mm boards) but left the spacings at 47mm. The fence has no effective visual or noise screening(they have unwalked dogs that bark all day and can easily see us through the fence. I put up a post/wire/stock wire fence down the other 50m but then they put a horse in the garden, which proceeded to stretch the wire and loosen the posts in it's attempts to eat the trees and plants on our side....)
I now want to
A- get 1.8m x47mmx22mm treated timber and close off the gaps on their fence
B- put up a 1.8m high fence continuing for the other 50m -posts 2.4m x 97x97mm concreted in to a depth of 600mm at 1.8m centres, rails at 3.6m spacings with 1.8m x150mmx19mm vertical boards but do not want to have any part of their disgusting property visible so ideally I'd like the boards without a gap.

I'm going to use the existing strainers to set it off- they're 1m deep and the ground around here has no clay/loam soil whatsoever- it's all glacial till- boulders/stones/gravel, so would this be ok or would having the boards with no gaps would it be prone to wind damage?I'm in a fairly exposed area of the Scottish Highlands.
If I need to leave a gap what would be the bare minimum I could get away with?
I really do not want to be able to see them and to reflect/absorb the barking so surely any gaps would negate this?
Any advice appreciated... :)
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Wow.. what a weird problem.... a 70metre back garden is huge...and you want to not see any of your neighbours garden, or hear their dog.... i'm thinking one thing...

Move !!
He he.....their neighbours on the other side have had words with them too over the noise...think if anyone moves it will be them they think we've got a vendetta against them! Of th e 4 houses, 3 of us are considerate types who want a good rural lifestyle and to sit in the garden quietly and make the place look decent. This other house is owned by a couple who just love collecting animals, gets bored with them unless they are giving birth....and their garden is like a bomb site...
Aye. Half an acre with 180m of boundary....with 2 alsatians and a jack russell barking all day every day, 5 cats, 3 snakes, dozens of chickens/geese/ducks and finally this horse...don't think we're being unreasonable asking for some quiet peace in our own gardens, as I say if they actually walked the dogs then maybe they wouldn't bark....

So, what about the gaps???!

If I had the money a Berlin Wall would be on the cards....

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