Cold water is slow from washing machine

10 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
The washing machine in our garage has had this problem for a few years now, and it's slowly getting worse. The hot water comes out with a lot of pressure and quite fast. However, the cold water comes trickling out and takes a very long time to fill the washing machine. Can anyone help define the problem and possibly how to fix it?
Thank you!
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Can anyone help define the problem and possibly how to fix it?
Check the cold water supply hose to the machine and ensure it isn't kinked. Assuming not, then you need to know if there is sufficient cold water pressure to the machine; close the cold water feed valve, isconnect the cold water pipe at the machine, open the cold water feed valve and see what comes out. If its the same trickle as enters your machine, then you know the problem is in the house plumbing. If the flow is strong, then its a problem with your machine and is almost certainly a defective cold water inlet valve.
For a start (assuming your hose connection is similar to ours - this is a UK site) turn off the supply taps and unscrew the hoses, to see if you have a good water flow and pressure from the taps.

If you haven't, it's a domestic plumbing fault.

If you have, then it's the hoses or machine valves, probably. But start by looking at the place the water squirts into the machine. In ours it usually comes in through small perforations in a plastic plate, and they can get obstructed by soap powder residue.

Then, start by checking the inlet water filters are clean, not clogged with scale or grit, and the hoses are not blocked, squashed or kinked.

If none of them, then probably your electrically operated valves in the machine are at fault. You should be able to buy replacement valves, but your brands and manufacture are quite different to ours.

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Don't forget to check the filter screen for sediment build up once you remove the hose from the water valve. These tend to clog up on the cold water side more often than the hot.

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