Collapsed lath and plastering ceiling old attic rooms

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    I am currently tackling the renovation of the attic rooms in my 1910 Victorian terrace. They are original rooms and not a conversion.

    The ceilings are not in a good way, with lots of cracking present in the visible parts of the room. The eaves area was boarded off with plasterboard, probably in the 60s or earlier judging by the yellow skirting boards and wallpaper! The ceilings in this area are completely collapsed and there is evidence of water damage - which I think is historic.

    The sloping ceilings are not insulated at all and the room is very cold in winter so I am wanting to improve the insulation too.

    Would like some advice on what to do. Ideally I would like to avoid removing the laths and plaster and use YBS super quilt foil type insulation fixed to ceiling using 2 x 1 slaters laths, then overboarded with plasterboard and skimmed.

    not sure if this will be sufficient though, so should I rip it all out and fit celotex?

    I’ll be using a plasterer for some of the work, the rest DIY

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