computer running slow

3 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom
hiya i wonder if anyone could help me. This is my first post and im not that experienced with computers

i use my laptop to do general things like browsing internet. online banking that sort of thing and use Windows to do this About a month ago it developed a fault where it would initially load up ok, then it would crash and display a message about dumping memory (the screen turns blue and message shows a countdown from 50)

My laptop has a System Restore application on it which i ran last night and have got back my stuff, but now the computer is running really slow. It has ran slow before but this was fixed by my local computer shop.

Rather than taking it back and forking out more money, i wonder if there was anything simple i could do to make the computer run faster. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
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Can you be a bit more specific about running slow? Do you mean it takes much longer to start up and open programs or do you mean it's slow when viewing web pages on the internet?

Or maybe it's both?
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