Odd behaviour with new computer pre-loaded W7

30 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
Since my last post's i have had the original new computer replaced with another new computer ( ie the computer builders claim that everything inside is to the same spec as the original computer ).
They did enquire if i had the original W7 Disc and i answered, yes. However, when the machine arrived it had a pre-loaded W7 installed.

All went well for a few days but then it started to be quite slow when loading IE pages, and refusing to go back a page, so that i have to keep referring to the task bar. Sometimes it refuses to scroll on the mouse wheel. And now an AVG message has appeared telling me that my memory is being used up - interesting in that i only have a couple of Apps onboard and i daily erase the history.

Suggestions would be welcome.
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how much RAM have you got? i think 2MB would be a minimum requirement, although I have W7 running slow on an older machine with 2MB, but the laptop with 4MB and a faster processor works a treat.

What are the specs of ur computer. What is the HDD spec IDE, SATA access speeds etc. They all count.

Think you have your MB and GB mixed up there!
What processes are taking up the resources in task manager? (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)?
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Thanks for replying: task bar

dwm.exe 32k
Explorer exe 21k
IAStoIcon 11k
iexplore exe admin 134
svchost exe system 60k
" local 11k
" system 18k

RAM 4GB of system and a 500GB drive
SATA 500GB SATA 7200rpm hard disc
Intel core i5 2400 Processor 3.1GHz