Connecting Sony 43W755C to Humax PVR 9200T

3 Jun 2007
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Have tried two ways to do this :

1) Freeview aerial in to TV aerial in, then TV scart to "TV scart" on Humax, when I use Humax remote the message is "no or bad signal"

2) Freeview aerial to Humax "ant in" then "loop out" to TV ant in, TV scart to TV scart on both machines. With Humax turned off..blank screen. With Humax turned on "no or bad signal"

There is only one scart input on Sony, am wondering if I need HDMI on PVR ? (there isn't one !)

Don't seem to get much sense from the Sony site.
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have you tried just going back to trying the tv on its own with the box fully disconnected to rule out a cable/connecter fault ??
I think there's two things going on here. The first is a tuning issue i.e. the Humax isn't tuned in which is why you're seeing the "No or Bad Signal" message. The second issue might be the SCART connection, but it's not exactly clear from the description you gave.

First things first....

1) Does the aerial cable carry a signal? Test this by plugging the aerial cable from the wall directly in to the TV. Put the TV on to the digital tuner (presuming the TV is tuned in at this point, if not, try tuning). Do you see a picture from the TV tuner?

2) Will the TV aerial signal travel via the Humax? Test this by plugging the aerial cable coming from the wall to Humax ANTENNA IN and use a to connect the Humax LOOP OUT to the Sony TV's aerial input. Switch on the Sony TV and set it to the digital tuner (DTV Freeview) input. Do you see a picture from the TV tuner?

3) Can the Humax be connected to the Sony TV via an AV connection? This could be SCART (CVBS or RGB, or S-video if the Sony TV supports it) or by a simple composite (CVBS) picture connection using the yellow video sockets, and then sound via the red and the white sockets. You'll have to decide which is the easiest method of connection for you based on the cables you have available.

Whichever method you decide, switch on the Humax and press the MENU button on the Humax remote (Menu is locate one row below digit 7 on the remote). This makes the Humax display a screen that isn't TV or an AV input that has no signal. Next... on the Sony TV, use the Sony remote to cycle through the inputs until you find the one that displays the Humax menu screen.

4) Can the Humax be tuned in? Without changing the TV input on the Sony, follow the instruction manual for the Humax regarding tuning, or from the Menu screen select Preferences and press OK and then select UHF Tuning and press OK. (PAL I ch 21-68 is the correct option on the 9200T for UK tuning). Follow any onscreen prompts and allow the Humax to search and store your local TV stations. Since you already checked that the aerial cable works in to the Sony TV, then any failure to tune at this point would indicate either a poor aerial connection at ANTENNA IN or some issue with the Humax tuner.

Once the Humax is tuned in use the Humax remote to change channels to test the received signal.

All that remains then is to make sure that the Humax SCART socket is set to give the best quality picture output. This is RGB. It is set from the A/V Control sub menu, and then by selecting TV-SCART. The options are CVBS/RGB/S-Video. You should select RGB and then press OK to confirm.
NOTE: If the connection to the Sony TV is already via SCART but not set to RGB, the TV picture will disappear. Use the Sony remote control to change the TV input until the Humax menu screen is seen once more.
Many thanks for a most comprehensive reply. I'll need time to tackle these points. I perhaps should have mentioned that the Humax, along with the present aerial and scart cables, worked perfectly with a Panasonic TV, in the same spot, which the new Sony replaced. That Panasonic is now in another room and is working there with another Humax 9300T . Have been studying the KDL-43W755C manual and any reference to recording seems to talk about a USB slot, there is only one scart socket also.
I was perhaps being a little naive thinking I could just switch existing leads to the new set. ??
edit: have just discovered I can play-back from the list of previous stored programs,
this must mean the leads etc are OK. Wonder if I need to do some tweaking somewhere ?
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It depends what you're trying to do, and of course on the capabilities of the new TV.

In relative terms TV prices fall faster than used Volkswagen prices after the emissions scandal ;) Some of those savings come from economies of scale; others come from omitting features that aren't so frequently used. Stuff that has gone or is disappearing fast includes speaker outputs, analogue stereo audio output, decent speakers, headphone sockets, the analogue tuner, full audio pass-thru, the paper user manual (replaced by the awful and jumbled E-manual which will no doubt be responsible for more carbon from TVs hitting landfill than ever was the case from print waste in manuals </Rant over>) and now it seems the humble SCART is under attack too.

Back to your issue though, the TV SCART hasn't really been a viable option as a record-out signal for an external recorder for quite a while now: The idea of leaving the TV on one channel so that an external recorder gets its signal that way is pretty much a redundant idea, even in the days of VCRs and analogue DVD Recorders. Your Humax doesn't have a way to record from SCART, if that's what you're suggesting. It is purely a digital signal recorder, and that signal is from the aerial feed. There's a source button on the remote, but AFAIK that simply swaps between what is being played from hard drive and the incoming aerial signal. It's not to enable the 9200T to record from SCART.

References made in the Sony manual to USB recording refer to the ability to use a simple USB memory stick as storage for the TVs built-in recording feature. It's very limited compared to the Humax but better than nothing.

Being able to swap the lead though isn't such an unreasonable expectation so long as the TVs are set up in the same way. I think you might have to do a little reading of the Sony manual to make some of the changes required so that the Sony works in a similar way to the Panasonic.

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