Corrugated Roof question

21 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
I have just had a new building put on the side of my house. which is a concrete prefab, with corrugated roof sheets on.
The workmen sealed the whole building, including the flashing on the joining part to the house, the doors etc etc all except for one place.
I raised a question with them asking why they hadn't blocked off the gaps at the base of the corrugated roof where the ~~~~~~~ sits directly on top a flat base of the wall ________ ( like the drawings ;)
They said they are not allowed do them as it will stop the air flow into the building, but said that i am able to do it when they have left, and said that there are some kind of filling blocks i can get from B&Q that i can wedge in and then seal. ( i've looked on the B&Q wesbite and i can only find corrugated nails... the right shape but they must be way to small to block the holes as..)
Does anyone know what options i have... I know i could foam fill it... but i'm trying to find something that may be a little neater.
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