cut kitchen wall cabinets?

15 Dec 2003
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United Kingdom
Hello, everyone. I have never done any DIY so this might be a silly question to you all...

We are going to fit new kitchen. We would like to fit IKEA cabinets/doors
but the their wall cabinet size is 370mm(D) and 700mm(H).

Our L-shaped corner wall can take only 300mm(D) cabinets because the window is there.( I hope you know what I mean.) I noticed that normal wall cabinet is 300mm(D) 720mm(H) so I know I can buy cabinet somewhere else. But then, I cannot fit the IKEA doors on them.

My questions are
1)Can I cut to size the cabinet
2) If so, which option would be better finish/ easy job - cut the hight or cut the depth?

I hope you can understand my English!
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I don't know what exactly means 'the unit of the name'. Sorry.

IKEA's cabinet are all based on the carcase - without its door - called 'FAKTUM'. I do not know what sort of material its made of. (and what that means either!) Based on those cabinets, just choose the design of the doors you like.

I saw some units in B&Q. They also sell the wall unit carcase only. If shortening(1 inch cut) the top of the unit is easier than sharrowing the unit (3 inches cut), then I probably buy them from B&Q. I do not know what its made of either.

That's all of my knoledge about this. Can you help me?
Which one is it ?

See this.

Are you saying you have these kitchen units without doors or which one is it you're after ?

I have cut many kitchen doors depending on the type and moulding but it can be done.
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I am thinking of design called 'STAT' kitchen.

I have brochure of this particular kitchen and it said 'FAKTUM wall cabinets comes in different width and hights.....Frame in white melamine.' All IKEA kitchen cabinets frames are called FAKTUM, I think.

I like this design so I would like to buy 'STAT' doors-700mm(H) for wall cabinets. But because of the window, I will have to either cut the FAKTUM frame about 3inches in depth, or buy 300mm(D) wall units frames elsewhere and cut those about 1 inch in hight in order to fit 'STAT' doors.

I am going to cut the frames not the doors.

I hope you can understand. Sorry for my confusing description. Very difficult to explain things in writing.
Right,I think I've got what you mean,

Like you say cut 3" off at the back of the unit so the front will looks the same as the rest of the unit.Best to cut it first before putting the unit together then you might have to pin the backing sheet onto the back instead of slotting it into the groove type (if any,might disappear after cutting)depending on what type of units you have.
You might have to use corner bracket fitting as in the picture if you're fitting it to the wall and also have a look at this useful website to help you to fit your kitchen,see this. Look at the kitchen DIY section.
Thank you for your help and patience, masona. That was exactly what I wanted to know.

You did not mention the other option - buy 300mm(D) unit frame from elsewhere and cut the top of them about 1 inch. I am guessing that you do not recommend that option...correct??

I glanced at that web site. I am going to read those articles properly later but obviously there are a lot more to learn!
sumo said:
You did not mention the other option - buy 300mm(D) unit frame from elsewhere and cut the top of them about 1 inch. I am guessing that you do not recommend that option...correct??
The reason was,if you cut the height you will hit the fitting that hold the unit together,so it's easier to cut the back of the unit and you may or not just loose the fitting at the back but if you do that why I suggested using the angle bracket as it will hold the unit together plus fixing to the wall.Another bonus cutting the back of the unit is,if you didn't cut a perfect line,it won't noticed as it will be hidden. ;)
I had no idea about the structure of these things (and still no idea about a lot of other things!).

I will follow your advice. Finally, many thanks for your clear good advice. You are very helpful!!

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