Delay in loading Apps/ Websites but BB speed OK


29 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
hi all,
recently we were upgraded to VDSL and sent a new TalkTalk HG635 modem. this works but I wanted to use a separate router to handle the home network traffic and DHCP for address reservation + better WiFi. so have bought a DIR-878 for this.

I have the HG635 in bridge mode with DHCP turned off and the DIR-878 seems to have access to the internet correctly. I've not changed any other settings on either box.

however I've noticed that there's a distinct delay in opening Apps on the phone or hitting websites on the laptop - seems to be when the initial request is sent it takes a while to "connect" but then loads quickly. Ookla is the same, it seems to take longer to connect than previously, but the speeds are normal (38 down/ 5 up).

I have tried changing the DNS servers on the router - blank (TT default?), OpenDNS, Google but it doesn't seem to affect the issue. both boxes have been rebooted since setup.

so can anyone help me diagnose the issue here - let me know if any more info needed..
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Not an expert but that sounds confused...

If your HG is connected directly to the line then that is the one which should be offering the DHCP service, no need for the bridge, you just connect the DIR to it via a wired port and turn of its DHCP. That is basically how mine is set up, except mine is much more complex - I have a print server and a wifi extender out back in the hut, to get wifi to the back garden and garage. With multiple things connected to the network, including three printers on the printserver.

Your HG issues an ip to the DIR and to anything which connects either directly to the HG or via the DIR.
hi Harry, thanks for the reply.

the DIR shows the internet is connected and has an external IP address, so I believe it is operating correctly.
using the DIR allows me (among other things) to set up dyndns and port forwarding for an OpenCloud server that I'm running (this is working as expected from external connections).

it's just the delay in connecting to external sources that is puzzling me, everything local seems to be running fine.
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