1. B

    Rain Water Damage Via Broadband Duct

    We live in a new build (2015) and have recently discovered rainwater has been entering under the floor via the phoneline/broadband duct. The green box is at a higher elevation and the duct didn't have either sufficient drainage or wasn't sealed properly when the property was built meaning it...
  2. T

    Delay in loading Apps/ Websites but BB speed OK

    hi all, recently we were upgraded to VDSL and sent a new TalkTalk HG635 modem. this works but I wanted to use a separate router to handle the home network traffic and DHCP for address reservation + better WiFi. so have bought a DIR-878 for this. I have the HG635 in bridge mode with DHCP turned...
  3. M

    Broadband setup help - phoneline

    I have moved into an old house last year where the previous owner was 92 and not interested in broadband. The phone line works like this. The drop cable meets the house at the roof where there is a junction box. Another cable comes from the junction box into the cellar where it goes into a BT80...
  4. eveares

    Moving master socket improved upload speed by factor of 6!

    First of I know one should not move the master telephone socket and it is the property of BT Openreach, none the less my grandparents live in the Kent country side and have done for the last few years. Where they are living now, they have never had very good broadband speed. Typically getting...
  5. eveares

    NTE5 ADSL/Broadband Filter Master Socket Adaptor Plate suitable for VDSL?

    Is the item linked below suitable for VDSL as it does not mention being VDSL compatible anywhere. I know VDSL uses higher frequency that ADSL, and want to know will this degrade the VDSL performance of a broadband line? Regards: Elliott.
  6. A

    Running ducting for Virgin Media phone / TV line

    I'm going to be getting virgin media installed in the near future and am currently undergoing a fair bit of building work in my house so want to take the opportunity to have the new internal sockets fitted in the best possible location for myself, rather than wherever is easiest for the...
  7. J

    Broadband and Telephone - separately wired into house.

    An older installation has an old connection box inside the house with 1 incoming common cable, from B.T.'s outside pole. There are then 2 separate cables from this connection box, 1 is to an old, extension plate for broadband and another adjacent, old extension plate for the telephone. There is...
  8. J

    Broadband connection problem - only works via test socket

    Hi I'm a novice here, so please bear with me...I'll try to give as much info as possible. My (fibre) internet connection stopped suddenly a few days ago - with the router connected to a telephone extension upstairs (via a filter). I don't think anyone's touched anything. Router connected to...
  9. N

    Correct Wiring Setup with 2 Master Sockets?

    Afternoon all. I am stuck at a crossroads with how to further proceed with a non existent broadband connection setup by talktalk. We had an engineer come to the house to setup all the wiring etc to get everything working for us and was told within a few hours we would have an Internet...
  10. J

    Telecoms Provider Planning Permission

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this has already been covered but I need advice. Normanton Telecoms are planning on installing new ethernet cables to various properties throughout Normanton (West Yorkshire) and we need to know if we would need and what type of planning permission is required to dig up...
  11. I

    Upgrading telephone lines

    Hi I'm thinking of carrying out an upgrade on the internal telephone wiring in my flat. At the present moment, the line (provided by Sky) comes into the property to what looks like quite an old master socket which is located in our second bedroom. It then branches off to the hall (2 sockets)...
  12. adecc

    300mt phone extension

    hi looking for some advice on moving the master phone socket 300mt to a new building, without losing signal strength for voice/broadband etc looked at running in cat6 and bt drop cable, but been getting different responses can anybody suggest how to or had experience of a long extension cheers