Deleted Posts.

30 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Obviously my post has been deleted, but when a post is deleted can the mods not leave the title and then explain why it was deleted?
My post was to respond to an accusation aimed at me in another thread which, quite rightly, got locked because of the 'personal' nature it was taking.
However, my response post was not inflamatory, racist or personally attacking anyone, it was merely asking how another poster could form an opinion of me from an innocent reply to someone elses post.
Is it so difficult to type a few words of explanation as to why it has been deleted?

Thank you.
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Thank you for the explanation and I quite understand your points.
However, if you have the means/facilities to remove an entire post is there no means by which you can remove the body of the text and replace it with an explanation such as this?
Please note, this is not an aggressive response but merely a curiosity on my part.
as a mod you can edit the unsavory text,explain the reasons why and then lock the thread and perhaps leave it 24 hrs before deletion?that way who ever has posted in the thread can read up and not feel peed off.
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How about setting up an automated system that triggers a simple message to the thread owner when a post is deleted with option to add some text from the mods as to why it was done.. ?