Diplomat Integrated Dishwasher wont start - please help

6 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
I have an integrated Diplomat dishwasher that wont work. The appliance was in the house when we bought it and we have no manual, I have looked inside but can't see a model number.

On any programme, 40 50 60 or 70 degree washes the machine whurs away for a few seconds and then beeps. The programme on button (far right) is flashing and the rinse programme is lit. I think that it gets to the rinse at the start of the cycle and wont start. Occasionally after holding down the flashing light to button to reset and trying again it starts the rinse and then the alarm beeps.

This is a long standing problem, the dishwasher has always been sensitive, wont work if there are heavy items such as pans or roasting trays, takes a few attempts to get started, wont work if there is a tap on elsewhere in the house etc.

I have made sure that the rinse flap is full, but I don't know what else to do. Is there a simple remedy or is it just on its way out?
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