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Does anybody actually use estimating software or services?

Discussion in 'Software' started by jasonss2016, 21 Feb 2017.

  1. jasonss2016


    22 Nov 2016
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    United Kingdom

    pricing up jobs takes far too long for me and too much of my time.
    I know i can create my own excell pricing sheets,

    does anybody use any sort of estimating software? ive had a quick trial a while ago of both easypricepro and hbxl.
    they are reasonably expensive and not perfect.

    or does anybody use any other estimating service or even an actual person to estimate jobs?

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  3. KenGMac


    24 Aug 2010
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    United Kingdom
    jasonss2016, good evening.

    OK for my sins I work as an Insurance Claims Surveyor, have done so for past 24+ Years. And using Estimating Software all the time

    All of the insurers and Loss Adjusters, I have worked for including some of the Big Boys, over time, have their own estimating tools [all Excel based]

    None of them fit the bill exactly, no matter how much cash is chucked away on their development.

    I must admit I have had a look at some of the Commercially available systems on the market, none of them impressed, either too fiddly or lacking in content.

    Some Commercially available systems such as, Xactimate costs an absolute fortune to run, but it has all the bells and Buzzers even allowing you to create plans into which you can place windows, doors, the Icing on this systems cake is that you can actually draw [on a CAD principle] a roof with multi pitches Etc. This in turn creates lists of Dimensions of all rooms.

    As for a "person" actually compiling a Cost build up Schedule? you have reminded me of a possible sideline where I could [using any of the three / four Cost build up software packages I have ] I now work Freelance for several insurance related companies. my side line could be local Estimating service?? wonder if it could take wings, or is it just bull??

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