Dot and Dab over a Wall treated with KA Tanking Slurry

6 Jul 2017
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United Kingdom
I am renovating a house and have used KA Tanking slurry on various outside (solid) walls to control any damp issues. It's a great product and does exactly what it says on tin. In most cases I have built a stud wall adjacent to the treated wall, filled with Celotex, applied a vapour barrier and plaster boarded. However, there are certain areas where I can't build a stud wall and have to attach the boards to the treated wall with adhesive. The company advise that you can't use dot and dab as the substrate is now waterproof and the moisture will have no where to go whilst its drying and will condense on the wall and suggest using a dry (foam) fix method such as Soundall or Everbuild dry fix.
My question is this, why can't I use conventional dot and dab? surely the moisture will be absorbed into the plasterboard and evaporate and even if we do get condensation surely this will just evaporate?
Thanks in advance.
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