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28 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
I have been summoned to do the above by my son - thanks for that! - so need to check with the experts on here that I do the right thing.

The boiler is an Intergas HSE combi controlled by a Drayton Digistat WR1 (nee SCR) receiver, which receives its instructions from a Drayton Digistat RF+2. Therefore there is no hard wired mains thermostat.

Drayton claim that the Wiser Multizone Kit 1 will fit to an existing wall plate - pull off the Digistat, plug in the Wiser hub. Simple as ....

Cynical me suspects it may not be quite so easy - does the Wiser hub have the same internal connections as the Digistat SCR or does it have hidden internal bridging that may make it completely different?

I have enclosed a photo of the existing Digistat box - note the 3 flexes entering it. My guess is that the installer used it also as a junction box for the mains feed to the boiler - will find out next week.

As usual, I await the expert knowledge on here, and apologise for being a bit nervous about doing something that you guys find simple and straight forward!


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I don't believe that is going to be plug and play.

However it's still pretty simple to wire up

Also the Drayton has opentherm control, and so does the boiler, whilst re-wiring it, it would be beneficial to add the opentherm capability, it's really no extra work to what you need to do already.
Many thanks, sxturbo - you've pointed me in a useful direction - I wasn't aware of Opentherm before!

Like you, I like to plan things in my head before starting (hence this post) so can I run a couple of things by you?

On the Intergas -

Firstly, all switching will be 24v? (which is the X4 connector block)

Secondly, on the boiler, I make sure X4 6 and 7 are not connected

Third, the mains should be connected at X2 2 and 4.

Finally, as I am going down the OpenTherm route, the Wiser hub will connect to X4 11 and 12 (polarity apparently not important here?)

On the Wiser hub -

The mains goes to L and N.

Apparently, I do not connect to terminals 1 (switch live) and 3 (switch return) as there is an OpenTherm unit in the back of the hub I need to connect to instead. Or is that as well as?

I've included the Drayton instructions on this point.

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You still need the live and neutral to the wider, but not the switched live.

The boiler will operate on the 24v, but still needs mains power to run the pump.

X2 and 4 remains as is, in fact all x2 connections should stay.

On x4 all connections are to be removed except for 11 & 12, they are 24v open therm.
Thanks for that - you are truly a star!!
Jobs a good'un!

Went real smooth thanks to you clarifying a few points for me. Only hitch was the set up App couldn't find the OpenTherm module. A call to Drayton revealed I had an old Firmware version on the hub - once updated, everything was fine.

Really wouldn't have know about OpenTherm without your heads-up, so a huge thanks - have a virtual beer on me!
well done, glad i could help.

son can now enjoy super efficient heating.

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