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24 Apr 2008
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UK, Wittering, West Sussex
United Kingdom
I'm looking for a decent set of drills 1mm to 10mm ish in 0.5mm steps.

did a search and found various old threads, BUT i think the quality of bits has changed.
Dewalt seemed to be highly recommended , some time ago , but the set i have has been useless. Recently also purchased some dewalt laminate jigsaw blades and they lasted just a couple of cuts - replaced with bosch and lasted much much longer and a better cut

I purchased a https://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-straight-shank-accessory-set-101-pieces/96659 when I first had a cordless drill - 2 years ago, and they have either not drilled or broken - so not impressed

I then decided on dewalt - https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-h...driver-drill-holesaw-bit-set-100-pieces/1293p

Found a few of these NOT straight - with runout on the masonry bits

I have since purchased the Bosch blue multi drills for masonry and they have been excellent

but last weekend , I had to do a lot of woodwork drilling.
3,4,4.5,5 & 7mm drill bits used from the Dewalt kit

All first time use in hard wood 1" depth
the 4.5mm broke
the 5mm started ok and then just had smoke and would not cut after 1st hole

so really not impressed with the quality of these drills

looking around for a decent set, but not at mega money
saw a set in a local good DIY store

and a few bosch on FFX

just wondered what other people used and would recommend - as on amazon and Screwfix/toolstation quite a lot of bad reviews on any set

To be used with a Dewalt 2 speed cordless drill
For wood / metal
I now have a SDS Drill and SDS Drill bits - not tried those out also the Bosch blue coloured set
so masonry i'm covered

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thanks , quit a few sets around £25-35 mark
i'll probably wait now for the FFX show 28th feb and see what offers are on for Cobalt sets
any particular make ?
toolstation have Heller,
amazon Sealey
Small diameter (up to 10mm) in wood look for brad point twist bits, Fisch are a good brand. Above 19mm in wood go for auger bits, Heller and Bosch are both good brands. In general wood drills are best in carbon steel - HSS isn't sharp enough to drill a clean hole in wood (carbon tool steel can be) and in any case tool (carbon) steel is fairly easy to sharpen yourself. I'd avoid spade bits for accurate work and similarly I'd steer clear of Forstners - the good ones are fragile and expensive and also lack depth of cut for more general work. Also avoid cheap no-name Chinese tat (but then you already know that) - good tools aren't cheap and deserve to be looked after and kept sharp

For metalwork I generally opt for M42 (cobalt) HSS twist drills. Heller aren't bad, but Milwaukee do a lot better in the electro arc RSJs from the Czech Republic, etc that we see so much of these days. Tool steel and M2 HSS simply won't touch the stuff

I don't buy sets, but tend to buy sizes as and when required.
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Twist Drilis - I just buy the sizes I need from Wilko's as I need them. Cheap enough to be consumables in the sizes you have quoted.
thanks guys for all the advice, very interesting

I'd avoid spade bits for accurate work and similarly I'd steer clear of Forstners
I have quite a few sets of those , some Carbon Steel Forstner and a very old sets of Spades , Not sure make - rarely used, but when did not great, although the Forstners I used in some fencing just to sink the head/nut and that worked OK

Brad bits, never really looked at those , I do have quite a few , which are just in a box out of the way, perhaps I'll get out and sort through those , see what I have a replace some of the dewalt stuff for those , rarely need to drill metal.

Also avoid cheap no-name Chinese tat (but then you already know that)
I thought the Dewalt I purchased would have been a good name, hence spending £60 on a set with them. But all the dewalt Bits/blades seem so poor now, On Circular & Mitre saw now using Freud blades and so much better.

Twist Drilis - I just buy the sizes I need from Wilko's as I need them. Cheap enough to be consumables in the sizes you have quoted.
They only problem with that is we are 30 mins each way drive from Screwfix/toolstation, no Wilco here
And last couple of jobs I used . venier to get the size of clearance and needed 3,4,4.5,5 & 7mm, so useful to have a few to check size.
So to take an hour out of the day to get a drill, is not ideal, I have done that before with some 12./14/16mm Drills I needed last year during the work.

quite a few thongs to add to my list from the replies, hopefully , FFX show will have some good deals on this year for Drill Bits on the Bosch or Milwaukee stands this year

in summary then

Cobalt Drill - Metal
Carbon Steel - Wood
Brad point
Auger Bits

There are no wood bits in the dewalt set you linked too, hss bits will snap in hardwood, need right tool for the job.Buy from toolstation, free deliver over £10, save your petrol.
Thanks, I think i used the metal bits.
However, I have just pulled years of drills 100's I had in tins and been through - have about 40 different size Brad bits , looks like from a few mm to about 16mm , and only a few look used.
and quite a few HSS Germany labeled shanks , 1mm and above

quite pleased with the items I found , I may be OK now for Wood/Metal & Masonry (found loads of those , still with red paint on the tips, so not used 6-10mm

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look and reply
Bear in mind that twist drills are relatively easy to resharpen if you have a grinder - even a cheap drill sharpener can extend the life of your bits many times providing you don't cook them and lose the temper first

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