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30 May 2005
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United Kingdom
Hopefully the first pic shows the tank on first floor (in bathroom cupboard). There is a drip INTO the tank from under the white plastic thing atop the copper securing device of the BRAND-NEW ball-cock. When the tank fills a bit more this drip slows right down but does not stop, so when I go away for a week and water is not being drained from the tank, it fills and the water drips out through the overflow pipe. What can I do to the ballcock to stop it dripping, or is it a fault one?
Secondly - on the second photo shows the old (is it?) piping system that leads up to the tank. One pipe (the one on the right in the pic) has a old-looking tap on it and the pipe has been been marked "Cold water main" - would this better being replaced and is it the one that I should turn off to stop the water getting into the tank if need be?
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Who fitted the new float valve? Call them back!!!

If it was you then there might be dirt in the float valve. Turn off water supply, open float valve, clean out debris, re-fit back together, turn on mains water and test. :LOL:

Always turn off your mains if you go away. It could save you alot of money.

The valve might simply need adjusting so that as the water level rises the float arm cuts off the water supply.

See below for a simple guide. Or get a DIY book. It's an easy job.


Does the tap work? If so why replace it? Yes, it is the rising main feeding the water tank so turning it off should stop water going to the tank. If you end up having to replace the ball valve, this tap should shut off the water while you do it.

There should also be a mains stop cock downstairs, maybe under the kitchen sink, where the water mains enters the property.

It is good practice to turn all stopcocks off and on again once a year. It stops them seizing up and locking solid and means when you have an emergency or need to do some DIY you know the stopcocks will work!

If the stopcock is jammed, see here for ideas to relese it.

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Easiest thing to do if possible is just put a slight bend into the ball valve arm. This will drop the water level.
Try that first and be gentle holding the arm near the top with a pair of grips.

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