Dulux 'once' & Dulux 'Trade' colour difference

30 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Made the mistake of buying dulux 'once' brilliant white (where it get's its name from is beyond me) and used it to paint all my skirting. For my window frames i thought i'd but dulux 'trade' brilliant white to see if it was any better. Anyway i've spent all day painting my window frames and only now noticed that the 'trade' has a much whiter appearence :oops:

Is this normal, rather foolishly presumed there would be a colour standard with them being the same brand?

The thought of having to now do all my skirting again is really pi**ing me off, oh well, live and learn :(
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out of interest mate what was the finish mate gloss, satinwood etc waterbase, oilbase etc
One coat finish paints have more pigment and its courser too...every heard the sound when your undercoating?..its biting into the surface.

Because of te amount of pigment there is less light reflected off the surface because its being scattered all over the place.

Traditional gloss is more oil than pigment..its the 'shine' if you like.

Hope that helps.

And if its any consolation I, and the majority of pro painter prefer traditional gloss.
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I prefer it as well, but most all my clients nowadays want a satin finish - hey ho!

I generally go for an eggshell rather than the satinwood, apparently it doesn't need an undercoat - tried with & without and no appreciable difference, however, I think it flows better, dries quicker, less smell and keeps its colour better.

Can't abide the acrylics - brush marks everywhere but roll on 2010 I suppose I'll have to get used to them (or stockpile enough oilbase to last to retirement!)

Sorry duncansarmy, looks like you're back to skirtings - there are so many shades of white you wouldn't believe. We've all done it (generally half way through the bigger jobs!)

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