Electric shock from switch

19 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
Irecieved a shock from my wall switch that controlls the dishwasher,stupidly a had a wet hand and bare feet.The circuit is protected by an mcb and a 30milli amp rcd but i still got a shock.i have checked the earth and the operation of the mcb and rcd and they work fine.Why did i still get ba shock,any answers from qualified people.Also the rcd or the mcb did not trip.
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First of all mate, wet hands.... switch.... dont do it again!!! :rolleyes:

Your Rcd is set to trip at 30ma because 50ma would kill you, 40ma would knock the wind out of you and probably knock you out. 30ma (if acheived) would make your hair stand on end and give you a good belt. However, around the 20, 25ma mark, might not have been enough to trip your RCD but you would still feel it. If your hands had have been wetter (more conductivity) or you had touched it longer you probably would have tripped your RCD. Your MCB is an overcurrent device and offers no protection against electric shock,

**Your RCD should have a test button on the front. Press it regualary (every couple of months) to test the effieciency of your RCD** (it should trip it when you do (indicating all is well).
If still in doubt call in an electrician to test it with a tester
You should have supplementary bonding in a wet room like that, and proper earth/cpc to all switches which should not give you a shock even with bare feed and wet hands. I take it for the moment that you were no SO wet that water was running into the switch.
Could well be that the wiring is not quite as it should, good idea to have a GOOD sparky look at it

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