EU biggest trading block err err .....

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Let me check how this works.

"Hey Noseall, why have you never posted anything about how to lay concrete?"
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The divorce analogy is obviously not entirely accurate,but close enough,,brexit =divorce= not sure of single life but marriage irreversibly broken down,,,remoaner ,,,lets stay married for kids sake,,,or in remoaners case,stay in crap marriage for the sake of the kids,,grand kids,,,great grand kids,,and too scared to be on my own..wimpsssss
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Yippeeee!...for you remoaners,,,an easier,football analogy,,,brexit 1 remoaners nil,no extra time,no replay,we lose.

I have no problem understanding that.

I just don't understand why you want to put the price of the tickets up

Hey DP show us these posts where you say how the EU and its policies have affected you? Its dead easy with the search facility.(y)
"OK, you have provided copious evidence to show I was wrong in claiming you hadn't, therefore I apologise and retract my allegation. Thanks".

That's how it works.

DumPlum, however, hasn't.
If it does it does,we shall see,I’m not into fortune telling.

Ok, fair enough.

I am brave enough to state on here, brexit will (adversely) affect the ticket price! I don't see how it can't.

Enlighten me if you wish, or wait and see, the option is yours.
Not open for further replies.
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